Using high quality machinery and materials according to engineering drawings, we help to facilitate and optimize the transportation of cargo, parcels and similar items by conveyors:


Belt conveyors – are one of the most common types of conveyor due to the versatility of the gears in terms of speed and installation location. These conveyors can be straight or curved; the conveyor is designed to move a product from one place to another.

Belt conveyors move products from one end to the other using a belt mounted on closely spaced rollers or a hard plate. These conveyors can be straight or curved, drives can be designed in different places, at different speeds, this versatility makes it one of the most common types of conveyors.


Gravity conveyors – are one of the simplest and most powerful types of conveyors, moving a product with the help of gravity and integrated rollers. The perfect solution for the line efficiency.

Gravity conveyors are conveyors in which products are moved from one place to another by the force of gravity. The rollers mounted on the conveyor rotate and the objects being pushed slide. Since gravity conveyors are one of the simplest types of conveyors, they are an excellent starting point for increasing the efficiency of various facilities.


Modular conveyors – a more sophisticated conveyor system designed for the alignment of different types of conveyors; the moving surface of the conveyor is suitable for the production of a wide range of shapes and textures, while the porous belt surface can even be used for redirection of a liquid texture.

Modular conveyors are a more complex type of conveyor system. By combining modules with different types of conveyors, three-dimensional movement can be practically performed. Their moving surface is perfect for products of various shapes and textures, and the porous surface of the tape can be used to drain liquids.


Chain conveyors – are the reinforced installations used to move products of larger weights and sizes; can be of L, Z or other shape. They are commonly used in landfills, logistics centers, production lines, etc.

Chain conveyors are mostly used in landfills, logistics centers, production lines, waste and packaging sorting centers. These are devices of reinforced construction and are used to transport/transfer products of greater weight and size to the required area, production line or other installation. Due to the unique design, it can be L, Z or other shapes.


Screw conveyors – this type of conveyor is characterized by automatic control with end shaft connections, the surface is usually coated with zinc or Teflon (for food industry). The purpose is to move bulk products, to separate production segments (wood chips, pellets, sewage sludge, etc.).

Screw conveyors are mostly used to transport and reload various bulk products and materials. Can be used vertically, horizontally or at the required angle. It is the perfect solution for transporting, handling and separating: sewage sludge, cement, grain, food products, wood chips or pellets, ceramic powder, sand, gravel and inert materials, plastic pellets and PVC powder and more. This type of conveyors are equipped with automatic adjustment and end shaft connections, they can be coated with zinc or Teflon, which is very relevant in the food industry. This type of conveyor does not require much maintenance and is easy to assemble.

Spiral accumulator conveyors

Spiral Accumulator Conveyors – a device designed to balance the conveyor system, in order to gain efficiency in all types of industries.

Accumulation solutions can be used for all types of products and industries. Used to increase efficiency by balancing speed differences in production lines, processing products with time delays, or stockpiling products when the process is interrupted.

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