We design, manufacture and install high-quality and standard production lines, peripheral equipment and non-standard devices. Our services include line automation and modernization in existing factories, as well as new equipment and production system modernization solutions in emerging industries.

Engineering services

We provide engineering services that are an integral part of the automation solutions and equipment development process, as well as a stand-alone service. Our team of highly-qualified engineers, using “SOLIDWORKS” and other modern software, will create drawings, 2D or 3D models, visualizations of a wide range of industrial installations that meet the technical task’s and production’s requirements.

Engineering and conceptual solutions are tested using physical modeling and simulation tools in order to ensure the highest standard of performance and quality.

Installation works

Highly-qualified specialists install, set up the systems and equipment in the factory, and carry out the necessary simulations. Proper installation of lines and systems is crucial to the durability of the equipment. Our team performs installation work quickly, qualitatively and efficiently, specialists are able to assemble and install other manufacturer’s equipment, provide ordered installation service.


Using certified materials and technologies, we can manufacture individual machines, production lines and other equipment or parts.

Design drawings and models are easily transformable and can be adjusted according to the needs and comments of the customers. The drawings are transferred to the manufacturing phase only after the customer’s approval.

We have all the necessary technological manufacturing equipment for cutting, welding, painting, powder coating, assembling and testing parts or components, as well as the chain of skilled specialists (turners, millers, welders, etc.), which ensures fast, high-quality, and uninterrupted execution of the task and quality standards.


We provide servicing and maintenance services for industrial equipment. We have a team of qualified specialists, ready to provide promptly equipment renewal, repair and maintenance services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week throughout Lithuania.


• Service of conveyor systems’ and equipment’s mechanisms

• Maintenance and repair of other mechanical equipment

• Maintenance of hydraulic systems

• Maintenance, preventive prevention, repair, installation of pipelines

• Repair of automation

• Upper works

Project development

We place great emphasis on listening to our clients’ needs. Therefore, we are able to implement unique and non-standard orders from the drawing to the final product.

We complete part of the project’s technological operations on the basis of subcontracting. We can offer high-quality subcontracting services.

The time-honored conclusion is that cooperation is more powerful than competition. By working together, combining great ideas and experience, we can find the best solutions. We can offer high-quality subcontracting services.

Other Services

Deep water wells drilling

Drilling work is carried out with the three POWER, KAMAZ, 3A3 (Maz) deep drilling machines. Depth of water extraction 30-300 m. We also perform drilling of geothermal wells for heating, drilled foundations and core sampling

Pipelines construction

Design, manufacture, installation, insulation of various technological pipelines. Installation of steel pipelines: stainless steel, aluminum, steel and plastic (PE, PVC, PPR) pipes.

Metal shot blasting and painting services

Painting of metal products, metal structures. Sandblasting, Drum grinding, cleaning, etc.

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