Robotic systems

In today’s fast-paced manufacturing environment packaging and packing operations demand a lot from packagers: uninterrupted speed, accuracy and agility. It does not matter whether they collect and pack awkwardly shaped or mixed cargo pallets. Robotization helps to perform these tasks consistently, at high speed and without interruption.

We install robotized systems in manufacturing processes. Our experience and human resources allow us to automate part of the processes:


Robotization of finished products – boxes, bags, packages, packs, bottles, containers, etc. On/off pallets loading solutions. These and similar solutions improve process efficiency, save costs, and simplify logistics and warehouse servicing.


In order to increase productivity, we suggest using special software in order to coordinate and synchronize the work of several robots, which assemble and pack per minute the required number of units on the lines. Such automation reduces the cost of time, human factor, and manual labor resources.

Pick and Place

Efficient solutions for stowage, assembly or packaging of components or products for a wide range of industries. Extensive use of 2D and 3D image recognition systems (“putting eyes in robots”). Wide range of interfaces with other manufacturing equipment, such as: CNC lathes or other mechatronic systems.

Equipment maintenance (Loading/Unloading) (machine tending)

Equipment maintenance (loading/unloading) is a job that requires intense wear of the human body. The robots ensure 24-hour uninterrupted production, multiple works among cells, loading and unloading of parts and the ability to connect up to eight machines.

Robotization of the manufacturing process

Robotized systems are used in various manufacturing processes: wood processing (cutting, milling, drilling, grinding, etc.), metrology and use of instrumentation, scanning, positioning, etc. Robotized systems can be installed where there are extreme or unfavorable conditions for people, such as high or low temperature, dust, air pollution, etc. (foundries, bakeries, refrigerators, chemical exposure environments). Robots can lift both very heavy and very light products, relocate them precisely between production processes or eliminate the monotonous human labor.

Robotized painting / varnishing

There are robots for painting, powder coating, varnishing or other liquid coating processes. They are extremely precise and save materials significantly. Can use multiple colors or components at the same time, as well as work in explosive or aggressive environments.

Robotized welding

Robotized welding working places with automatic parts’ supply mechanisms, additional positioning tables, welding component holders (conductors).

Accessories for ROBOTIC systems


Different types of grapples can be attached to the robot arm, depending on the nature and surface of the product. The grapples can be with suction cups or ‘sponges’ for vacuum gripping of the objects, or mechanical ‘fingers’, or sensitive silicone ‘fingers’ for more fragile objects, etc. In each case, we would offer a detailed proposal for a grapple after evaluation of conditions of the technical task.

Safety fences

Safety fences are installed in order to protect workers from injuries that could occur if one enters the robot’s working area while robotic equipment is operating. These are simple structures that mark the territory and protect it from accidents. If required, we can supply and install safety curtains and other sensors necessary for the overall effectiveness of the safety system.

Pedestals and fixing plates

A pedestal or fixing plate is a static structure used to fix the robot arm. They are strong enough to withstand the movement and weight pressure of both the robot arm and the products it moves. The height of the pedestal and other parameters are determined each time depending on the specification of the robotic solution.

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